Top 10 Best Selling Flavors - Best Selling E Juice Flavors

When I go to find a new e-liquid flavor it always helps to know what is popular, whether you are getting a 60ML bottle of e-juice or a 120ML bottle of e-juice you want to know that what you are getting is tried and true.

When I go into a vape shop and see hundreds of flavors I can be overwhelmed, so I usually ask what the most popular e-liquid flavors are.  I like it when there is a chalkboard or whiteboard with the most popular flavors so I can make my choice from the flavors that people have tried and loved.

I decided to put together this list of our top 10 flavors that we sell in order to help you sort through our flavors and make your shopping experience a little easier.  These are our top 10 selling e-liquid flavors so far over the last 60 days.

  1. More Please E-Juice by Cloudmouth Vapors 60ML - This smooth raspberry candy really has a sweet and strong flavor that I just can't stop vaping.
  2. Spoon E-Juice by Cloudmouth Vapors 60ML - This fruity cereal and milk is my favorite cereal flavor, and our customers seem to agree.
  3. Honey Doo Doo E-Juice by Dr. Shugar Chitz 60ML - This wonderful and sweet honeydew candy is the newest flavor from Dr. Shugar Chitz
  4. Lava Flow E-Juice 60ML by Naked 100 60ML - Lava Flow is a very popular flavor from Naked 100 E-Liquid, this strawberry pineapple coconut is one of the best fruity flavors out there.
  5. The Razz E-Juice by Dr. Shugar Chitz 60ML - This raspberry poop of a giant raspberry monster flys off of the shelves.
  6. Hawaiian Pog E-Juice by Naked 100 60ML - This passion fruit guava and orange e-juice flavor makes you think that you just sipped on a fruity tropical drink.  Delicious.
  7. Americano Ciambella E-Juice by POET 30ML - This maple bar, coffee, and tobacco flavor is sweet and delicious.  It is only a light tobacco but a savory flavor, very popular with ex tobacco smokers.  The maple flavor is the main note you will taste in this sweet e-liquid.
  8. Selfie Sunday E-Juice by Vape 7Daze 30ML - While the flavor profile of this is "sweet boxed apple juice" I think it tastes delicious and sweet, but not quite like apple juice.  This is one of our most popular e-juice flavors.
  9. Pearamel E-Juice by Teardrip E-Liquid 60ML - This is another one of my personal favorites.  This flavor combines a sweet pear with a heavy drizzle of caramel, with a slightly creamy flavor note.
  10. Blue Razz E-Juice by Air Factory E-Liquid 100ML - This sweet airy and heady candy flavor is a hit, and it is one of the few flavors it seems that anyone can get through 100ML of and still want more.

I hope that this list of our most popular e-liquid flavors has helped you in your search for the perfect vape.