Top 10 Best Selling Flavors - Best Selling E Juice Flavors - UPDATED February 2020

When I go to find a new e-liquid flavor it always helps to know what is popular, whether you are getting a 60ML bottle of e-juice or a 120ML bottle of e-juice you want to know that what you are getting is tried and true.

When I go into a vape shop and see hundreds of flavors I can be overwhelmed, so I usually ask what the most popular e-liquid flavors are.  I like it when there is a chalkboard or whiteboard with the most popular flavors so I can make my choice from the flavors that people have tried and loved.

I decided to put together this list of our top 10 flavors that we sell in order to help you sort through our flavors and make your shopping experience a little easier.  These are our top 10 selling e-liquid flavors so far over the last 60 days.

  1. More Please E-Juice by Cloudmouth Vapors and More Please Salts by Cloudmouth Vapors - This smooth raspberry candy really has a sweet and strong flavor that I just can't stop vaping.
  2. Spoon by Cloudmouth Vapors and Spoon Salts by Cloudmouth Vapors - This fruity cereal and milk is my favorite cereal flavor, and our customers seem to agree.  Most people compare it to the old favorite "Looper by ANML" but I think it's a little creamier and better.
  3. Illuminati by Propaganda E-Liquid and Illuminati Salts by Propaganda E-Liquid - This blood orange, pineapple, and strawberry doesn't quite taste like any of those things, but it is a delicious and very popular vape.
  4. Cookie Butter by Vape Pink and Cookie Butter Salts by Propaganda E-Liquid - Delicious cookie butter.  It hits your tongue just right and tastes just like it says.
  5. America by The Hype Collection - A take off of the red white and blue popsicles you see in the US during the 4th of July, a very refreshing fruity flavor.
  6. Fuji Apple, Strawberry, Nectarine by Pacha Mama and Fuji Salts by Pacha Mama - This fuji apple, strawberry, and nectarine from Pacha Mama hits the spot.  It is one of the most popular and tastes like it should be.  Delicious.
  7. Reds Apple by 7Daze - The original delicious red apple, also available in menthol form.  Just the right amount of sweet and juicy.
  8. Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 - Orange juice, passion fruit, and guava, how can you go wrong with a flavor profile like that?  This is one of our most popular e-juice flavors.
  9. Pearamel E-Juice by Teardrip - This is another one of my personal favorites.  This flavor combines a sweet pear with a heavy drizzle of caramel, with a slightly creamy flavor note.
  10. Flakey French by Crumbz - Flakey French is a smooth maple french toast with cinnamon and sugar in every bite.  A great flavor for you dessert lovers.

I hope that this list of our most popular e-liquid flavors has helped you in your search for the perfect vape.